Product Tagging API Documentation


The Product Tagging API provides a way to automatically tag products based on a given query. It's designed to enhance the user experience in e-commerce platforms by offering relevant tags for products, ensuring a streamlined search and navigation process.



Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description Required
query string The product name or description you want to tag. Yes
api_key string The API key provided to you for authentication. Yes

Example Request


Response Format

The response will be in JSON format. Here are the details of the response object:

Field Type Description
language string The language code of the response. For instance, "en" for English.
total_credits int The total credits available in the user's account.
remaining_credits int The number of credits remaining after the request.
tags array An array of strings, representing the tags associated with the given query.
status int HTTP status code. For a successful request, it will be 200.

Example Response

  "language": "en",
  "total_credits": 670012,
  "remaining_credits": 669939,
  "tags": [
    "essential oil",
  "status": 200


In case of an error (e.g., invalid api_key, missing parameters), the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP status code and a message describing the error.

Rate Limiting

Default rate limit is 15 requests per minute. If you need a higher rate limit, send us an email and we will increase it.


For any issues or questions related to the API, please contact our support team at [email protected].