Product tagging

Transform the way customers explore your online store.

With our automatic and accurate AI based text tagging, products are sorted and located with unparalleled ease, paving the way for smoother browsing and quicker purchases.

Elevate your customer's browsing experience, guiding them to make confident purchasing decisions.

An essential tool for online retailers, analytics platforms, and a diverse range of digital applications.

Automate tagging of your products

Benefits of product tagging

Use the power of our AI-based Product Tagging API to elevate your e-commerce platform.

Designed for precision, our API service intelligently categorizes and labels your inventory, ensuring a seamless user navigation experience.

As search results become more tailored, shoppers find what they're seeking faster, enhancing satisfaction and boosting sales.

Product tagging can help you keep track of inventory, so you know when to reorder or restock items that are running low.

It also helps your business be more competitive by allowing you to rank higher in search engines and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which makes it easier for potential customers to find your brand and products.

Beyond accuracy, our API offers easy integration, melding with your existing infrastructure to provide a streamlined and updated product tagging process.


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I am really enjoying the platform and I think you are doing some really innovative stuff.
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This is great and absolutely what I was looking for.
I will absolutely endorse you guys and let people in my chat as well as my followers know how awesome this platform is!

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